Based on enclosed minimalist enjoyment space concept, Senzpro intends to make everyone’s life healthier through cutting-edge science and technology, helping people to enjoy a stylish, sophisticated and smart lifestyle.

Senzpro promotes the smart home system with affordable luxury products at their best quality, to allow people to enjoy an exceptional quality of life be it at home, office, or any environment.

We carry minimalist enjoyment into the space with Senzpro products.


A brand that combines modern smart homes appliances that blends in Scandi minimalist style and ecofriendly concept to launch exceptional products that are unique in “Smart” and “Aesthetic”.


Dato Seri David Tan is the founder of Senzpro, since its inception, he had lead Senzpro to be a smart home appliances brand that focuses on healthy, clean home environment and protect wellbeing of people.

As the leader and decision maker, he believes in providing the health enhancement service to customers with professionalism, high technology products, and an always friendly attitude. At Senzpro, we provide the best healthcare service & products for you.